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Awards, Trusts and Scholarships

The Namboothiri community has a past in which most exercised their brains through scholastic pursuits in the traditional arts and sciences. Such traits appear to persist among the recent generations too. However, socio-political changes, combined with the community's reluctance to break from the traditional to modern means of livelihood, have made the majority of them economically weak. Realising this plight and the value of education, knowledge and excellence, many groups and individuals in the community have instituted trusts, awards and scholarships in order to encourage, support and motivate the needy and the talented within the community. Information on several such bodies is given in this article.


A P P Namboodiri of Ambalaputhur Illam in Kozhikode District was a famous Malayalam literateur and educationist. He worked in the Department of Malayalam of Farook College, Feroke, Kozhikode for a very long time and later served as Principal of V T Bhattathiripad College, Sreekrishnapuram.

An award was instituted in his memory initially for the best collection of poems. It went to V A Kesavan Namboodiri (1992) and K T Krishna Varrier in the following year. The next year's award was for children's literature.

However, since A P P was involved primarily in the field of libraries and reading rooms, the award is at present being given to the best library in Kerala. The award had gone to Appan Thampuran Library, Thrissur. The award consisting of a certificate and Rs.3,000/- in cash is given every year on December 21, on A P P's death anniversary. A P P's brother Avitanallur Vasudevan (A P V Namboodiri) is the Memorial Committee's President, and son A P Nalinan, the Secretary.
Address : A P V Namboodiri, (President),
A P P Namboodiri "Smaaraka Puraskaaram" Award Committee
"Prasanna Sadan", Chalapuram, Calicut - 673 002
Phone : 0495-302317


Vaidymadham Valiya Narayanan Namboodiri - Dakshinamoorthy Trust was established in 1982 by Cheriya Narayanan Namboodiri in the loving memory of his grandfather. The objectives of the trust are:

The achievement of objectives has gathered momentum and the trust has already developed some medicines successful in the treatment of cancer. Regular cancer treatment camps are being conducted on every last Sunday of the month. Practitioners of Homoeopathy, Allopathy and Aayurvedam attend the camps, and treat the cancer patients after joint consultation. Approximately 500 patients have attended the camps so far.

Presently a building for the trust, a marvel in the traditional architectural style, is under construction.  On completion, it will house a well-equipped laboratory, a cancer ward, research centre and conference halls.
Address : Ashtavaidyan Vaidymadham Cheriya Narayanan Namboodiri
Vaidymadham Vaidyasala & Nursing Home
P.O.: Mezhathur, Thrithala - 679 534, Palakkad Dist.
Phone : 0492-672044, 672255


Founded by the family members of O M C Narayanan Nambudiripad of Olappamanna Mana (b. 24-06-1910; d. 04-04-1989) to commemorate his contribution to the Vedic, literary, social and cultural fields. The initial capital of the Trust is the amount received from the sale of "Rigveda Bhaashaa Bhaashyam" the Malayalam translation of Rigvedam. The sale of the copyright of the same also fetched a few lakhs of rupees. The Trust also expects Governmental as well as non-governmental organisations, charitable institutions and individuals to extend their generous helping hand to enrich its coffer.

Honouring the doyens in the fields of Vedam, Sanskrit and music by presenting them with cash awards and mementoes and conducting literary seminars are the primary aims of the Trust. The Trust envisages to grant scholarships to those studying Vedam and Sanskrit. It also intends to publish authentic works on Vedam, Sanskrit, etc. In future, a reference library of classical works on Vedam, Sanskrit and other epics may also start functioning under the auspices of the Trust.

The Trust has started honouring those personnel who have rendered yeoman service for the promotion of Vedam, Sanskrit, music, etc. by presenting them with citations and cash awards. The following illustrious personalities have so far been honoured by the Trust.

Recipients of Deviprasaadam Trust Awards


1990 Kalakkath Govindan Nambiar
1991 Prof: Unnikrishnan Elayath
1992 Prof: Vasudevan Elayath
1993 Prof: K P Narayana Pisharodi
1994 Dr K Kunchunni Raja Bhatti Puthillath Ravi Akkithiripad
1995 Prof: M P Sankunni Nair Elayedath Sankaranarayanan Somayajipad C R Mani Iyer
1996 Dr M S Menon Nellikkattu Mamunnu Neelakandhan Akkithiripad Semmangudi Sreenivasa Iyer
1997 P C Devasya V M C Narayanan Bhattathiripad
P Bhaskaran Keezhpadam Kumaran Nair
1998 Vaisravanath Vasudevan Namboodiri P G Narayanan Bhattathiripad
M R Bhattathiripad Kalamandalam Appukutty Poduval
1999 Vidyaavaachaspathy
V Panoli
C N Narayanan Nambudiripad
Thikkodiyan Kalamandalam Ramankutty Nair
2000 Dr T Bhaskaran Thaamaranellur Purushothaman Bhattathiripad
Akkitham Achyuthan Namboodiri Kalamandalam Padmanabhan Nair
2001 K V Ravi Nambudiripad C M Vishnu Namboodiri
Yoosafali Kecheri Kalaamandalam Sankaran Embranthiri
2002 Venkitaraja Sarma Meledam Krishnan Namboodiri
O N V Kurup Kalaamandalam Kesavan
2003 Mridananda Swamikal Chettari Mekkaatt Subrahmanian Namboodiri
C Radhakrishnan Kottakkal Sivaraman
2004 Prof: M H Sasthri Nedumbilli Subrahmanian Namboodiri
Dr M Leelavathy Kalaamandalam Gopi
2005 V Sankunnikkuttan Puliyannoor Anujan Nambudiripad
Vishnunarayanan Namboodiri Nelliyod Vasudevan Namboodiri
2006 Poonthottam Sankaranarayanan Namboodiri Mekkatt Krishnan Namoodiri
Sugathakumari Kalamandalam Vasu Pisharoti
2007 Dr V Ramakrishna Bhat Mannanampatta Sreedharan Namboodiri
M N Paloor Kalamandalam Vasudevan
2008 R Vasudevan Potti Udayannoor Ashtamoorthi Nambudiripad
K P Sankaran Kalamandalam Narayanan Nambeesan
2009 Vaidyalimga Sarma Puliyannoor Jayanthan Bhattathiripad
K B Sreedevi Sadanam Krishnankutty

Address : The Managing Trustee, Deviprasaadam Trust
"Navodayam" (Olappamanna Mana), P O : Vellinezhi, 679 504, Palakkad Dist.
Phone : 0466-2285383


This trust was established formally in 1989 at Amanakara Mana of Ramapuram, Kottayam District, in memory of the famous literateur, the late Lalithambika Antharjanam. The Trust gives:

a) An award of Rs.30,001/- and a bronze memento to a Malayalam writer / artist who has given excellent contribution in the field of art, language and/or literature. Till now the below-mentioned writers have been given the award:

1. Vaikom Mohammed Basheer
2. Sukumar Azhikode
3. Akkitham Achyuthan Namboodiri
4. N P Mohammed
5. T Padmanabhan
6. K T Mohammed
7. Sugathakumari
b) The Trust also gives an award of Rs.5,000/- to one promising woman writer. The awardees include:
    (1) Vijayalakshmi, (2) Rose Mary, (3) K P Sudheera, and (4) Pramila Devi

c) In order to promote highly talented girls, the Trust gives an annual award of Rs. 3001/- to the best girl artist from Mahatma Gandhi University, and scholarships for two best girl students, one from Sacred Heart Girls High School of Ramapuram, Kottayam District, and another from R V M Upper Primary School, also of Ramapuram.

The members of the Trust are the sons, daughters and grand daughter of Lalithambika Antharjanam. At present the members are :

N B Kumar, N Leela, N Santha, N Rajam, N Lalitha and N Rajendran. Saritha Varma, grand daughter of Lalithambika Antharjanam and daughter of Late N Mohanan is the member-secretary of the Trust.

The patron of the Trust and Chairman of the Award Committee is O N V Kurup, the renowned poet. The members of the Award Committee are always famous writers and social workers.
Address : Saritha Varma
Member-Secretary, Lalithambika Antharjanam Memorial Trust
"Poornima", 25 Janvilla Lane, Sasthamangalam
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 010
Phone : 0471-329788


Poomully Neelakandhan Nambudiripad (Born : 2nd May 1921; Died : 8th November 1997) known as "Arivinte Thampuraan" (Lord of Knowledge) by the Keralites, was born in an orthodox Namboothiri family (Poomully Mana) in Peringode, Palakkad Dist. After completing his primary education, he studied under the tutelage of Cherukulapurath Krishnan Namboodiri who introduced him into the sublime vastness of the ancient sciences.

A well known scholar in Sanskrit, Poomully Nambudiripad - a maverick virtuoso who became a legend in his life time - was an authority in Sanskrit literature, "Tharkam", "Meemaamsa", "Vedaantham", "Aayurvedam" [special interest in "Visha Chikitsa" (toxicology), "Baala Chikitsa" (paediatrics), "Hasthyaayurvedam" (treatment of elephants), Yoga], "Kalarippayattu" (martial art of Kerala), "Saamudrika Saasthram", "Jyothisham" (Astrology) and "Naatya Saasthram" (dance).

Imparting education in a vast range of subjects was his main interest during the last 30 years of his life. People fortunate enough to be blessed with his tutelage emerged as experts in various Saasthrams. He was also the Director of Keraleeya Aayurveda Samaajam for over 35 years, during the last eight years of which was its President .

PAST - Poomully Aaraamthampuraan Smaaraka Trust has been established in loving memory of P M Neelakandhan Nambudiripad by his disciples.

The Trust aims at teaching, practicing and preserving various forms of arts and branches of science, which he promoted during his lifetime. In the first phase, the Trust will initiate extensive programmes in Aayurvedam along with "Marma Chikitsa" and "Chavitti Uzhichil", "Yoga", "Kalarippayattu", "Kathakali", Karnatic music and "Panchavaadyam".

Aayurvedam : Nambudiripad had acquired deep knowledge in Aayurvedam and its allied branches. He was not willing to make any compromise in the various application procedures. The Trust proposes to teach and practice Aayurvedam in the traditional system along with Marma Chikitsa and Uzhichil, a special form of medicated massage.

Yoga : Nambudiripad was a great promoter of Yoga. The Trust aspires to teach Yoga using the expertise of seasoned practitioners. Yoga can be practiced by all, regardless of age and sex without causing disturbance to daily routine.

Chavitti Uzhichil : Thampuraan was an expert in this field. The trust proposes to impart professional treatment and training for those discerning.

Kalarippayattu : In the olden days, people used to learn this martial art of Kerala for self-defence and also to join the army as warriors. Nambudiripad was an eminent expert and trainer in this field.

Art : Peringode, the place of Poomully Nambudiripad has attained popularity for ancient art forms like Kathakali, Karnatic music, Panchavaadyam, etc. An abundance of performers of these art forms are seen in this area as a proof of his dedicated interest and encouragement. The Trust, in pursuit of carrying forward his interest, has decided to impart education in these art forms.

Library and Reading Room : Nambudiripad has left behind a huge collection of rare manuscripts and books dealing with different subjects especially of Aayurvedam, Vedaantham, Tharkam, Vishachikitsa, etc. The Trust proposes to establish a library and reading room in the name and style of Poomully Aaraamthampuraan Memorial Library and Reading Room and these invaluable Grantthams and books will be made available for reference.
Address : The Managing Trustee,
Poomully Aaraamtampuraan Smaaraka Trust [PAST]
P.O.: Peringode - 679 535, Palakkad Dist.
Phone : 0492-658318, 658319, 658218



    M P Bhattathiripad
  1. Birth : Sept. 23, 1908, in Mullamangalath Mana, Vanneri, Ponnani
  2. Father : Keralan Bhattathiripad
  3. Mother : Devasena Antharjanam
  4. Teachers : Payyur Brahmadathan Nambudiripad, Puthiyedath Sankaran Nambudiripad, Polpakkara Damodaran Nambudiripad, Guru Kunchu Kurup, V T Bhattathiripad, Dr Kunchunni Raja, Vallathol Narayana Menon, Kuttikrishna Marar
  5. Fields of Study : Vedam, Kaavyam, Tharkkam, Naatyakala, Vyaakaranam, Social Revolution, Kaavyakala, Politics
  6. Co-workers : Elder brother M R B, I C P Namboodiri, Mukunda Raja, Joseph Mundasseri, A K T K M Vasudevan Nambudiripad, P Krishna Pillai, E M S, A K Gopalan, K P Gopalan
  7. Public Life : Yogakshema Mahaasabha, Yuvajana Sangham, various arts clubs, Indian National Congress, Congress Socialist, Communist Party
  8. Marriage : 1947. Kuriyedath Arya Devi, a widow at age 15. This was the second widow-marriage in the Namboothiri community.
  9. Children : Premachandran, Neelan, Hareendranathan, Induchoodan, Sathi
  10. Works : Ruthumathi (drama), Premji Paatunnu (songs), Sapathni, Mattamma, Naalkkaalikal, Raktha Sandesam, other unpublished poems
  11. Translation : The first Malayalam Translation of the National Song, Soundarya Lahari (incomplete)
  12. Direction : Ruthumathi, Nammalonnu, Adukkalayil Ninnu Arangathekku
  13. Dramas in which Acted : Noorjahan, Shajahan, Adukkalayil Ninnu Arangathekku, Apphante Makal, Marakkutakkullile Mahaa Narakam, Ruthumathi, Paattabaakki, Nammalonnu, Chavittikkuzhacha Mannu, Mahaatma
  14. Cinema : In about 45 films including the National and State Best-actor Award winning film, "Piravi".
  15. Death : 1998

Premji was known for his acting abilities, as a playwright, director, poet, social revolutionary, and political worker. These enthused him, and made life meaningful. He worked to make Namboothiris humans; to eliminate gender and communal inequalities in society. He energised the history of Kerala culture by infusing modern human values.

He had an extra-ordinary courage derived from brilliance, purity of mind and loving kindness. The values he cherished should perpetrate and motivate future generations. The Premji Trust envisions wide-ranging activites to achieve such goals.

Included in the commemorative annual activities of the Trust will be a Premji Memorial Lecture on a topic of contemporary relevance but in any of Premji's areas of work, and publication of the lecture, Premji Awards for the best actor and poet in the University Youth Festival, and so on. And many more research and awareness creation oriented activities are envisaged.



1999 Oct. 14 "Prathirodha Paaramparyam - Bhaaratheeya Kavithayil" (Tadition of Resistance in Indian Poetry)
By : Sachidanandan (Malayalam Poet)
K U Praveen
Guruvayurappan College, Calicut
(University of Calicut)
2000 Nov. 15 "Samakaaleena Kala" (Contemporary Art)
By : Kumar Sahni (Film Director)
S K M Anoop
B Tech Student (I T)
Cochin University of Science & Technology

Address : The Trustee, Premji Trust
"Mullamangalam", Poonkunnam, Thrissur - 680 002
Phone : 0487-381160


The following scholarships are awarded by the "Antharjana Samaajam" every year to the deserving Namboothiri boys and girls.

1.  Unni Nambudiri Smaaraka Scholarship :
Coinciding with the Diamond Jubilee of the Yogakshema Sabha on February 26, 1983 in VTB College housed then in the "Agrasaala" at Pachaayil, the birth centenary of Kurur Unni Nambudiripad was also celebrated. In the function presided over by M C Nambudiripad (Moothiringod), advocate T M P Nambudiripad (Thenazhi) inaugurated the "Unni Nambudiri Centenary Memorial Fund". The long-time secretary of the Sabha, C K Namboodiri delivered the Unni Nambudiri Memorial Lecture. Scholarships for the top three SSLC students (Rs.150, 100 1nd 75) were instituted out of this fund. Since 1986, the amounts were raised to Rs.500, 300 and 200. These scholarships are distributed on the first Sunday of July every year (July 3 is his birthday), during the one-day camp at VTB College.

2.  C K Namboodiri Smaaraka Scholarship :
Cherupoyilath Savithry Antharjanam instituted this in 1986 for the student topping in Sanskrit. The scholarship amount is Rs.500-00.

3.  Mappat Godan Nambudiripad Smaaraka Scholarship :
This was instituted in 1997 and the amount of Rs.300-00 goes to the SSLC student coming in fourth place.

4.  A K Raman Namboodiri Award :
Instituted in 1998 for the best performance in Malayalam in SSLC. The amount of Rs.500-00 was raised the next year to Rs.1,000-00.

5.  P V Sreedevi Antharjanam Smaaraka Scholarship :
This Rs.800-00 scholarship was instituted in 2000 for the second place in Sanskrit, by Jeevan Kumar in memory of his mother, P V Sreedevi, who was the first female Namboothiri Vidyaalayam product to graduate, and who retired as the Principal of Cotton Hill High School in Thiruvananthapuram, and was the wife of the former Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly, Damodaran Potti.

6.  Jathavedan Trust Scholarship :
Started in year 2000, this Rs.500-00 scholarship goes to the topper in Sanskrit in the highest class in V T Bhattathiripad College, Sreekrishnapuram.

Address : C K Parvathy, The President, Antharja Samaajam,
Vadakkedath Mana, Kulakkattukurissi, P.O.: Mannampatta - 679 517, Palakkad Dist.
Phone : 0492-667367


Born on 20th July 1962, Arun Shankar Kurur had school education in Delhi. After graduation from National Defence Academy in Khadakwasla and a higher course in Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun, Arun was commissioned into the Indian Army on 15th December 1984. His martyrdom came on 11th February 1988 while he was participating in the Indian Army operation in Sri Lanka. Captain Arun was honoured with an award of Sena Medal posthumously for his gallantry and devotion to duty.

A financial assistance programme for the higher education of poor students of the Namboothiri community was instituted in July 1989 in memory of Captain Arun Shankar Kurur. Students who have obtained at least 80% marks in SSLC examination and very high marks in higher classes and have obtained admission for a recognised course are eligible to apply for financial assistance. Students pursuing professional courses would get preference in the matter of selection for assistance. The marks obtained in the last examination and the income of the family of applicants are the criteria for selection.

Applications for financial assistance are received during the month of July every year. For further information contact:

Address : K V Nambudiripad
54 D, DDA Flats, Masjid Moth Phase - II, New Delhi - 110 048
Phone : 011-6420379


On March 20, 1961, a Trust by the name "Namboodiri Yogakshema Vidyabhyasa Trust" was created and registered mainly for the proper management of the Namboodiri Vidyalayam U P School, Thrissur. The founding Trustees were: (1) A K T K M Gupthan Nambudiripad, (2) Chittoor Kunhan Nambudiripad, (3) Kanippayyur Sankaran Nambudiripad, (4) A K T K M Vasudevan Nambudiripad, (5) Moothiringode Chithrabhanu Nambudiripad, (6) Kurur Sankaran Nambudiripad, (7) Chengalloor Parameswaran Nambudiri, (8) Madampu Narayanan Nambudiri, (9) Narayanamangalam Kesavan Nambudiri, (10) Nenminimangalam Damodaran Nambudiri, and (11) Cheruppoyilath Krishnan Nambudiri.

Chittur Kunhan Nambudiripad was the first President of the Trust till his death on June 5, 1984. Thereafter, the position was occupied by O M C Narayanan Nambudiripad (Olappamanna), P M C Narayanan Nambudiripad (Poomully) and Moothiringode Chithrabhanu (M C) Nambudiripad (present President). Trustees who served as Secretaries were A K T K M Vasudevan Nambudiripad, Kurur Sankaran Nambudiripad, P M C Narayanan Nambudiripad and now (from 03-04-1988) C K Narayanan Nambudiripad (Chittur). Vacancies in the Board of Trustees were filled from time to time as per the provisions of the Trust Deed by co-option.

Since 1976-77, the Trust has been giving scholarships to deserving college-going Namboothiri girls on merit-cum-means basis. School-level students are not covered in the scheme, as their education is free. Scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis. No part of Kerala goes unrepresented. Every year, a sum of around Rs.50,000/- is being distributed as scholarships to students studying for Post-graduate, Degree, Pre-degree/Plus two and professionl courses. Endowments have been instituted in memory of Chittur Kunhan Nambudiripad, A K T K M Sankaran Nambudiripad, Poomully Uma Antharjanam, Kuroor Sankaran Nambudiripad, Avanavoor Parvathy Antharjanam, Ravi Cheloor, Rema Brahmadathan and two children of Madampu Narayanan Nambudiri. The Trust hopes to increase the scholarship amounts substantially in the coming years.

Address : The Secretary,
Namboodiri Yogakshema Vidyabhyasa Trust,
Thrissur - 680 004


The Society was registered in 1999 with the aim of establishing an old age home for the senior citizens among Namboothiri and allied families. As the initial expenses were high, it took some time to collect funds by way of memberships to the Society and donations thereto. The old age home was started in a rented building in Kolazhy near Thrissur in the year 2003. It is now proposed to purchase a suitable building for the same.

In addition to this, the Society has plans to help Namboothiris, socially and educationally. Plans are on the anvil to conduct social gatherings with the aim of improving the unity and co-operation among the members of the Namboothiri society and to pinpoint areas where action has to be taken to inculcate co-operative endeavour among the members of the community.

For the above purpose, the Society has entered the realm of housing. A 2-acre land is already with the Society along Poomala Road, Thrissur, 1.5 km from Thrissur-Shoranur highway. Memebers of the community who are interested in securing a house of their own are welcome. The Society is confident of expanding its activities to more beneficial fields in the coming years.

Contact Address : The Secretary, Gayathri Charitable Society, (Reg. No. 508/99)
Mythri Nagar, Kolazhy, Thrissur - 680 010
Phone : 0487-2201487


"Saanthwanam" (meaning : solace) was started with the aim of organizing Antharjanams (Namboothiri Women) of the Yogakshema Sabha which had been rejuvenated in 1976, to take up suitable income-generating activities such as cottage industries, and also to motivate and assist them to learn and teach various fine-art forms. In order to encourage widow marriage which was taboo among Namboothiris, Saanthwanam has already arranged and conducted five or six widow marriages.

The organization has been reacting against hate campaigns in opposition to the community, in a timely and appropriate manner. Among Saanthwanam's achievements are: a hostel for Antharjanams in Thrissur for working women and students coming from distant places, temporarily operated in Paarakkunnam Mana at Chembukkavu, while still looking for a place of its own, and a home for the aged, widows, unmarried women, lady students, lonely souls and those in need of temporary accommodation. This latter building has already been built and named "Saakshaatkaaram". The place is run by a reasopnsible manner, combining the old and new (traditional and modern) Namboothiri culture, and located in sylvan and quiet surroundings.

Contact Address : Smt: Thangoor Saraswathy Antharjanam, "Saanthwanam"
Paarakkunnathu Mana, Chembukkavu, Thrissur - 680 020
Phone : 0487- 2336831


The "Anyonyam" cultural organisation came into existence in Anyonyam1998 as a result of the efforts of about 250 Namboothiri families in and around Tripunithura. The group runs a marriage bureau, library, play school and a health maintenance committee for the welfare and benefit of the community.

"Naalukettu", was a long-cherished dream and an innovative scheme that has come true now. The idea was to have its own place with a bathing tank nearby, where "Shodasakriyaas" can be performed and Vedam studies conducted by Namboothiris and "Kshathriyaas", whose life-style is based on the "Shodasa" culture. Tamil Braahmanans are also now being considered for inclusion.

Naalukettu now owns seven cents of land in Kannankulangara, on which stands a three-storey Naalukettu building with 1,500 sq. ft. in each floor, a tank nearby, and even a cremation ground for "Samskaaram", "Sanchayanam", etc., all at a cost of Rs.2.6 million. The ground floor is for performing Shodasakriyaas and for Vedam studies, the first floor is a dining hall, and the second floor is for meetings and other functions.

Within the first six months of opening, there has already been three "Veli Nischayam" (engagements), two "Aayaniyoonu", three "Choroon", one "Jaathakarmam", two "Upanayanam" (Saamam and Rik), 30 "Pindam" and 90 "Sraadham" as well as several "Prasna Parihaara Poojaas" by Thanthris, some of which were for foreigners. The organisation is soon starting courses on "Nithyakarmams" (daily rituals) and Pooja.

The organisation sets apart 75 % of its profits to support poor Namboothiris in their "Shodasakarmams", marriages, etc.

Contact Address : P N Appu Namboodiri, Convenor, "Anyonyam Naalukettu",
Kannankulangara, Tripunithura, Kochi - 682 103.
Phone : 0484-2775895 (Res.); 6523434 (Off.)

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